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Ground Penetrating Radar

Find out a bit more about our Ground Penetrating Radar service
and the type of underground utilities and objects that we are able to locate.

Ground Penetrating Radar

With the increased usage of non-metallic materials within the utility industry, Ground Penetrating Radar has become an essential tool to be used in conjunction with the electromagnetic cable and pipe locator. Combining the two locating methods we are able to provide the maximum non-intrusive results for utlity location, minimising the risks to any underground infrastructure. In addition Utility Locating Services continue to achieve the highest standard in Occupational Health and Safety in underground utility locating.

Using this method we can locate the following:

Asbestos Cement (AC)

Non-metallic, underground uses include pipe work for cable, water distribution and drainage.

Vitrified Clay Pipe (VCP)

Non-metallic, underground uses include pipe work for cable, sewer and drainage.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Non-metallic, underground uses include pipe work for cable, sewer, drainage, water and gas services.


Non-metallic, underground uses include water and gas network distribution mains and services.

Additionally, using Ground Penetrating Radar we can locate:

Underground Storage Tanks

Metallic or Non-metallic tank materials, Hazardous or Non-hazardous products.

Buried Pits/Manhole Covers

Cover materials may include concrete, asphalt, dirt, grass or gravel.

Void Location

Geotechnical and structural ground investigation.

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